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The Sunny Day Shorthorns Team

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Alpha Gipe          alpha(@) -

Alpha graduated from Merced College with an Associate of Science Degree in Animal Science before proceeding to Fresno State where he graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Agriculture Education.  He is currently the boss around SDS ranch and he takes pride in the Sunny Day Shorthorns name.  He has served numerous Shorthorn and other organizations.  He has been President of the California Shorthorn Breeders Association and is currently serving as a Director.  He has also served as California's delegate to the National Shorthorn Show Committee. Feel free to email him at the address above.

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Sherri Gipe         sherri(@) -

One of three sisters who created Sunny Day Shorthorns out of her 4-H and FFA project.  It is the job of Sherri to prepare animals for the show.  She and her crew (Todd Conrado) spend countless hours brushing and trimming cattle hair.  She graduated from Fresno State with a Bachelors Degree in Plant Science and from CSU Stanislaus with a Liberal Arts degree.  She went back to Fresno State for her Master of Arts in Reading.  She is currently an elementary school teacher in Merced, CA.  She has served as California Shorthorn Lassie Queen and has held numerous other offices in the Shorthorn Association at the State and Junior levels.  Feel free to email her at the address above.

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Amanda Gipe      amanda(@) -

Amanda is the oldest daughter of Alpha and Sherri Gipe.  She currently attends Kansas State University double majoring in Animal Science and Food Science with a minor in Ag. Economics. Amanda just finished her term serving as an American Junior Shorthorn Association Board Member. She also just returned from Australia after being gone for six months as the ASA Ambassador.  Amanda also served as President of the California Junior Shorthorn Assocation.  She is the past Alternate Shorthorn Lassie Queen from 2002-2003.  Feel free to email her at the address listed above.

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Amy Whitfield     amy(@) -

Born during the Turlock Fair, Amy has been around cattle since before she was born.  She is the youngest daughter of Alpha and Sherri Gipe.  In 2006, Amy married Tim Whitfield (below).  Amy has served in numerous positions for the California Junior Shorthorn Association, including President.  Currently, Amy is a substitute teacher and freelance web designer for Sunny Day Online.  Feel free to email her at the address above.

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Tim Whitfield     tim(@) -

Tim has been a part of Sunny Day Shorthorns since 2001.  He and Amy are in charge of the computerized management of the herd records, online registrations, the website, and email communications.  Tim also is a partner in Whitfield Enterprises, LLC and its various subsidiaries including Sunny Day Online (Web Design and Management), Whitfield Media, and Shorthorn Clothiers.  In addition, Tim works for the California Department of Justice  as an Associate Information Systems Analyst.  He is past president of the California Junior Shorthorn Association.  Feel free to email him at the address above.

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